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Escape From Planet Earth Barry Production Designed
Escape from Planet Earth!
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Barry both wrote and directed animatics for Electronic Arts, Los Angeles, from 2002-4. He designed the opening sequence for "The Haunted Lighthouse," currently an attraction at Sea World. He co-directed the development of the feature film, "Mighty Mouse," at Nickelodeon.
He has written a screenplay and developed his children's book, "Danny Diamondback," as a feature film.

> Production Design
> Character Design
> Other

Quicktime Movies
> Medal of Honor - Wake - EA (8.5mb)
> Barry's Bar Flies (8.5mb)
> Danny Diamondback (10.6mb)
> Horton (4mb)
> Lord of the Rings (17.8mb)
> Mighty Mouse (15.8mb)
> StrikeForce / EA (13.5mb)

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